Adult Model Employment Process

One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive in this business is “What is the process?”.  So in order to avoid that question I will happily provide that information up front.  People who watch porn like to, for the most part, see attractive performers.  So the first thing is to submit your contact information as well as a photo for review.  You may of course submit multiple photos, which can be clothed or nude, however there should be at least one full body shot.  That information should be sent to us at royale1ent@gmail.com. From that point either I, or one of my staff, will contact you for a phone interview.  This is exactly what it sounds like, we simply speak over the phone and discuss what you like, don’t like, and see if our personalities match-meaning can we work together or not.  I will also check that you have a valid state issued ID that can prove you are over the age of 18 and a recent STD Screening as we shoot all videos unprotected.  After that we will schedule a casting shoot. A casting shoot, for the uninitiated, is an unpaid photo/video shoot done to see if the performer looks good in front of the camera or not.  This shoot is going to consist of still shots as well as live video.  As I’ve stated before, you can be drop dead gorgeous but still not have the “IT” factor in front of a camera.  This shoot is done with in a relaxed environment simply with you and the director.  It is shot in POV format (Point-Of-View for the uninitiated) as either an Oral Scene or a Full Scene.  Your Casting Scene will then be placed on our PornHub account to see if the public likes how you perform.  We look for a performer to be able to at least generate 5K views, per site, in the first month her casting is available to the public.  PornHub and XVideos generate over 80 Million Views of videos per day, 5K views in a month's time should be nothing to generate for a performer that the public is interested in watching as these are the people that will be paying to view your work.  After a review of your casting scene we will then schedule you for a paid shoot for either ATLHeadDoctors.com, MrPlus1.Com, or one of  the other production companies that we work.  Before the day of your shoot all talent is expected to provide proof of another recent negative STD test, kept on file in our offices. Our paid shoots are also unprotected shoots and it is imperative for us to maintain the health and safety of our talent.  Expect to be at the shoot for 2-3 hours.  That time will consist of makeup, stills, general conversation, paperwork, and the actual shoot.  The actual performance time generally will add up to about an hour on average.  Payment will be given at the end of the shoot in full.  All performers are considered 1099, therefore it is up to the talent to file their own taxes at the end of the year.  Exceptional performers will be kept on file for future shoots as well as potentially being offered a contract to be an exclusive performer for our company and on our owned Members Only Websites such as MrPlus1.Com.
*** Pay Scale***
$300:  This is the pay scale for all Oral Videos (Female on Male, Female on Female and Bukakkee).  This is also the pay scale for all Solo Scenes (Fingers, Dildo, Vibrator, Toy, Sybian).
$500:  This is the pay scale for all Regular Sex Scenes (Male-Female, Female-Female, and Female-Male-Female).  This is a straight up, multiple position, sexual encounter lasting anywhere from 20-45 minutes with a 2-5 minute intro.  This scale is also used for Threesome (Female-Male-Female and Male-Female-Male) Sex Scenes.
$750:  This is the pay scale for all Anal, Gangbang, Orgy, and Fetish Scenes.  This scale is also used for the Cover Model Scene (Adult Star featured on the Cover of the DVD/Digital Media).
$1000:  The $1000 pay scale is only used for our Contract Models.  These are Adult Performers who have a contract with Royale Entertainment LLC to perform only on our Website and in our Video Productions.  The max Industry Payscale for Adult Amateur Performers is $1000, we offer the maximum because our performers are contractually obligated to only perform for Royale Entertainment and ATLHeadDoctors.Com.  Contracts are only offered to performers who we think exemplify the sexuality and sensuousness that we want our company to be known for.
***This pay scale only applies to Female Performers***